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Welcome to My Qbasic Homepage!

Last updated 1/23/03

News: In case you haven't been here for awhile, you might care to notice that I have updated all of the links on this page. I have looked over all of the source files and done some reformatting. Since I've been getting emails asking about the code, I decided 7 years after writing it to perhaps add my knowledge of arrays. Also note all .zip files now contain an .exe so you don't even need qbasic to play my games!.

My Programs:


This is a cool analog clock I made when I first learned what the sine and cosine functions were.


This is my greatest game yet!! Similar to breakout!!

Tank wars

Tank is a two player action game with bombs.


Five card draw with nothing wild all winning hand programed in


Place a bet on your favorite hourse and win big

Tick Tack Toe

Two player, graphic interphase loads of fun for all


All programs are written by Mark Donovan and include source code! To download any of my Qbasic programs simply right click on the link and go to save as. To run any qbasic program open up the menu and go to "run" then go to "start" or press shift "F5"

This page is made in effort to keep Microsoft Qbasic alive! I included my source code to help teach others qbasic. If any one is intrested in joining efforts to make a qbasic programs or if you have an idea for a qbasic program or even if you have inprovements for my existing games then don't hesitate to let me know!!

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